Hotel Bedroom Designing Mistakes To Avoid

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Designing is a huge part in the hospitality industry. Starting from when a guest enters the premises to the bedroom, the landscaping, interior designs of the lobby and bedroom should all be of a high state to get that rating you want. While the facilities should also be met to this standard, a hotel that doesn’t focus on the detailing is only going to end up losing on those 5 stars. So here are some designing mistakes to avoid when planning the bedrooms.

Not including artwork

Artwork in a hotel room adds class and identity to the space. It also shows a difference of the kind of hotelier you are from the others. Most hotels in fact use the artwork that they display to distinguish themselves or reach a different level. So sometimes those that are aiming at creating an out of this world experience might go for more unique work of even unknown artists that create abstracts and styles that have never been displayed before. And so these details play a much bigger role than you think. As much as it might seem like getting waterproof linen is the detail you should be focusing on more, this detailing would certainly put you on a different scale that sets you apart from any other!

Not focusing on mood lighting

Mood lighting is another huge part of the detailing aspect in creating the perfect setting rooms in a hotel. Don’t limit the designing you could incorporate in to the lighting nor let the statuesque barriers stop you from testing out potentials. Instead add personality by fitting in fancy pendant lights or even chandeliers. Reduce the direct lighting to avoid the glow of the light falling on to the eye and instead work on creating indirect lighting means that are also perfect to set the mood at any time! Even with hotel linen suppliers try your best to find the best who not only provide the perfect material but also the most unique designs. After all, standing out is the key in the hotel industry to win with ease!

Not fitting furniture

The furniture that you purchase needs to work well and complementing with the hotel room and the space available, otherwise it is only going to seem odd in every way. there is a limit to quirky that you can incorporate to create a unique experience but that stops when it comes to furniture. Sure, you can experience with the crazy designs and whatnot, but they need to fit in with the space. Don’t simply assume that they are of the perfect sizes especially if you are buying them online. In these cases, it is always best to physical visit the store and find the perfect match to the right measurements!