Pros And Cons Of E-vites

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The entire world seems to be living online more than they are in real, which shows that they are rather accessible on that platform. This method is quite commonly used for cost and time saving, here are some other advantages and disadvantages respectively, in relation to invitation cards;

Saves money

Cutting down on the cost of choosing an invite, getting them printed and so on can be a lot of cost considering that it needs to be sent to everyone, but by putting in an efficient wedding invitations online, it is a cost cut for the printing and mailing. Evited are able to be sent to a large number of people with a very minute cost compared to that of the physically printed invitation cards.

Fast response

There are RSVP cards inside of almost all wedding invitation cards, to indicate to the couple that their guest will or will not be attending the ceremony. Once the invites are sent out to the people in the guest list, the hosts of the party, the couple, has to wait until the RSVP cards are mailed back to them in order to get the accurate picture of the number of attendees. But with online invitations, the guests are accessible at most times, and would respond to the event as soon as they see it, instead of having the lag of postage for both ways.

Postal error

Even though it may not be the usual scenario of your invitations getting delayed to be delivered, there are several cases of a misplacements of bundles of envelopes which do not get through to the guests. With email invitations that cannot happen, it would reach everyone who can be found online easily and without any middlemen who could cause any kind of delays.


When things are done online it is considered far more organized because the details and responses can be entered into a database to tell you which guests have responded to their attendance in order to get a head count.


Sometimes the invitations sent out online can be lost or undelivered due to the change in a person’s email address or profile information, therefore it can often be sent out to the wrong person or to nobody at all. One other disadvantage of evites is that, people of the older generation are not tech savvy and do not wish to learn either, so by using evites solely for the wedding, there are high chances to miss out on the elder guests who might have not got the invitation.