Who Is A Stand Up Comedian?

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A stand up comedian is different from the ordinary comedian. The stand up comedian has to address the live audience and then he needs to address them directly and perform in front of them at the very moment. There are different names for this type comedy shows in Sydney such as comic, stand up comic or some only refers this by the name of the stand up. The act of stand up comedian is to make it look like a dialogue, he uses this technique to grab the attention of the audience but actually he monologues. The stand up comedians usually make use of some kind of humorous jokes and stories to entertain their audience. The script that the stand up comedian use is known as the routine or the set.  Some stand up comedians make use of the magic tricks to enhance their act and make their performance even more catching.

There are many kinds of comedy and a stand up comedian make use of either of these comedies in his act. These types of comedies include observational comedy, cringy or clean comedy, dark comedy and blue comedy as well. Each of these types has its own jokes and is related to one special class of humor. The places where these stand up comedian perform varies. Some of them performs at theaters, some at night clubs or pubs while other performs at the comedy clubs or even colleges and schools. It is not however necessary for a corporate event entertainer to perform only in front of the live audience. The stand up comedian act can also e delivered via some kind of television commercial or some comedy play or skit. It can also be published through CDs, DVDs and could also be shared across the internet.

The stand up comedy is an art and it requires years of experience and effort to master it. Study tells that it takes around 10 years of age for a beginner stand up comedian to master his skills. Certainly, an amateur at the start is not confident enough to perform and his creativity level is not this much strong. Once he gets in this professional then he keeps on practicing his skills and learns constantly from the failures and mistakes he makes and improve on these. The name stand up comedian is derived because mostly comedians in this type of comedy performs while standing, however it is not necessary but it is a common practice.