Why We Should Use Jute Bags?

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Jute is the vegetable plant that has  fibers which are being dried in the long strips. Jute has been available among the natural materials that are cheapest. It is also one of those materials that are most widely used. Jute is obtained from the plants that grow particularly in humid and warm areas like india, Bangladesh and China. East Bangladesh used jute for making their textiles and in the same manner, Western World used jute since 17th century for making their textiles too. 

Ganges Delta people called it the golden fibre due to its cash value and usefulness. Even west has acknowledged jute as the useful fibre for commerce and agriculture. The environmental friendly products are preferred so jute replaced plastic bags and the grocery bags that were manufactured with jute, turned out to be an alternative to plastic or paper bags. It is the most cost effective method in the long term.  

Below the benefits of jute are highlighted and discussed in detail: 


Jute is the material that is grown in whole year and it is harvested after every six months. Same volume quantity of the wood fiber takes decade for its production and much bigger tracts of the land are required for its cultivation.  

The usage of jute is very significant step taken by the people in combating the usage of different materials that contain the toxic wastes. Since the usage of jute bags in Australia, plastic bags employment has been cut down to a great extent. In addition, it has been greatly banned in number of countries because of its harmful components. It has turned to be among best alternatives. 


As jute is completely biodegradable biologically in a year or 2 years. It is low energy recyclable material as well as can be utilized as garden’s compost. Recyclability and reusability has marked jute bags as the best available option these days. In comparison to the wood pulp, fibers tend to be more resilient and tougher. It can even withstand the longer exposure to weather as well as water. Their reuse for many times have marked it as great preference for people. None can deny it for being an environmental friendly material. 

Alternative Uses 

Hurd which is the jute plant’s woody core has numerous potentials for the commercial and industrial uses. Hurd can be used as a good alternate to wood and its products. In this manner, the consumption of jute fibers and hurd can reduce the deforestation levels for meeting the wood and and per demands in the contemporary world. For more information, please log on to https://www.alburyenvirobags.com.au/our-range/styles/folding-bags/